Sunday, August 13, 2023

Can Baloch insurgents win the war against Pakistan's powerful military?

 The Baloch insurgency in Pakistan has been ongoing since 1948, with several periods of insurgency and low-level violence. The current insurgency began in 2003 and has been characterized by sporadic attacks and violence. The Baloch nationalists have been fighting for greater autonomy and control over the province's resources, which they believe are being exploited by the central government. 

The Baloch insurgency has been complicated by the roles of neighboring countries, with Baloch militants using Iran and Afghanistan as safe havens to launch attacks across the border. 

The Pakistan Armed Forces are the world's sixth-largest military measured by active military personnel and consist of three formally uniformed services—the Army, Navy, and the Air Force, which are backed by several paramilitary forces such as the National Guard and the Civil Armed Forces. Pakistan has jumped swiftly in the rankings in the past few years and is currently ranked seventh in the world for military strength

It is difficult to predict whether the Baloch insurgents can win the war against Pakistan's powerful military. The Baloch insurgency has been weakened in recent years, with Baloch militants killing their own commanders and taking some reconciliation offers from the government. However, there has been a resurgence of Baloch militant activity and recent success against security forces, suggesting a renewed sense of exploitation by the central government and military forces. 

The Baloch insurgency has also been characterized by the resilience of Baloch nationalism, which results from the persistent economic and social inequalities among the provinces that have been exacerbated by military repression and massive violations of human rights. 

To avert further crisis, the challenge in Balochistan is to transform the widespread rejection of the military’s policies into reconciliation with the insurgency and a common political will that ensures the so-called nationalist parties can participate in elections


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