Sunday, August 13, 2023

Israelis claim more Muslims live in Jerusalem than in the past.

 It is true that more Muslims live in Jerusalem today than in the past. According to the 2022 census, Muslims make up 48% of the city's population, up from 38% in 1967. This increase is due to a number of factors, including natural population growth, immigration, and annexation of Palestinian neighborhoods.

Israelis often cite this increase in Muslim population as evidence that they are not engaging in ethnic cleansing. They argue that if they were trying to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians, they would not be allowing the Muslim population to grow.

However, critics of Israel argue that the increase in Muslim population is not a sign of good faith. They argue that Israel is using demographic change to solidify its control over Jerusalem and to make it more difficult for the Palestinians to achieve statehood.

The debate over the increase in Muslim population in Jerusalem is complex and there is no easy answer. It is important to consider all of the factors involved before forming an opinion.

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